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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The night of Querubín

This weaving bracelet is inspired by the Taita Querubin Queta, grandfather, medical authority and the main chief of government of the Cofán community.
This community is located in the Amazon foothills, between Colombia and Ecuador, and shares that land with many other indigenous groups. The Cofan, along with Kamsá, Inga and Zionas, are known by yagé ceremonies practices. They live in the jungle and have been beaten severely by the conflict between the colombian government, the guerrillas and paramilitaries.
Taita Querubín Queta is a very powerfull magician man. He has been in charge of reminding the community who they are and where they come from. Unfortunately, the Cofan language has been lost and young people no longer speak the language of their grandparents. However, the Taita Querubin Queta has worked hard for the revival of the language and customs of its people.
He has also the knowlegment of medicinal plants of the Amazon Rainforest. He can distinguish hundreds of species and prepare remedies for health. They say that all this knowledgment has been given to him mostly through the yagé remedy.

Technique: macrame
Size: 15 cm x 11 cm

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