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We have created this virtual place
to show you how knitted pieces
we are offering were done.
Wich were the techniques we used
on them and wich were the anthropological
motivations for each piece.

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Friday, October 22, 2010


Macrame knots is a technique originated in the Middle East. It arrived in Spain with the Arab invasion in the eighth century and into Italy came through the Crusades, between the eleventh and thirteenth century.
In Colombia, the same way that the Wayuú bags, the technique has been used in a specific way, so most of woven macrame use only the two basic knots technique.
Here are two bracelets with intricate designs and different color schemes, which are showed just as an examples about some of the possibilities of figures that can be woven.
Technique: macrame
Size: 18 cm large x 7cm wide

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