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Wich were the techniques we used
on them and wich were the anthropological
motivations for each piece.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

The bag of Temazcalli

This bag is inspired by the ceremonies of Temazcalli.
Temaz means steam, and calli means house. It is the steamhouse of many ancient mexican cultures and they have used for rites of healing. They say that enter to a Temazcalli is like to go to the uterus, the womb of the Earth. In these ceremonies the fire, the water, the stones and the four cardinal points are the forces involved in healing.
The four doors of every ceremony (each for one cardinal point) are represented in the piece and also the sunset moment, when the Temazcalli is finished and all the negative energy goes out of the temple. This bag was made to keep the herbal remedies used during the ceremony.
Technique: crochet and macrame
Time: one month
Size: 19 cm diameter x 25 cm high

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